I never buy books there, they are too expensive when I can buy them used and my gift recipients don’t much care if they are reading a pre-enjoyed book, but I still like the thought of a bookstore in the mall.  We do have another bookstore in town, but I don’t go there either, I go to the library.  Okay, I read 80 or more books a year and I buy maybe two or three new books each year (and this year they came from out of town).  I take the blame.  If I actually bought books they would still be open.

So I went to the sale today and bought $60 of books, don’t tell my husband.  I got Hard 8 because I think that is the one where Ranger gets together with Stephanie.  I hope it is.  I got a Hiaassen book for my mother which she will find ironic (I hope).  I haven’t been back home for Christmas yet, so I got her a bargain gift, and a new one at that.  I got myself a page-a-day calendar. I always want a Baby Blues calendar, but they are always sold out by the time I get myself one each year after Christmas because Santa forgot.  I settled for Rubes.  I also got Widow of the South because a friend recommended it and the Time Traveler’s Wife so the book trivia thing quits kicking my butt on that.  I have no plans to read Shakespeare or the Hobbit which would really help in the points area. I purposefully chose books I thought would recycle well on paperbackswap.com.

I took a deep breath and went over to the Romance Section to see if Sherry James’ book was there.  I last bought a romance book about four years ago, I had just read Evanovich’s Plum books, and thought maybe I should give her a try, since she was so funny. I never even made it to the good parts, it was just so suggestive in a gratuitous way I couldn’t read past the first chapter.  One of the few books I never finished.  Previous to that I think I had read one other romance book, many, many years ago.  Just not my style.  But I know this author personally, and I hate not being able to say, “Oh, I just read your new book.”  Especially since I read so much. 

As I browsed the Romance Section a shelf of huge books caught my eye. They were Gabaldon’s books.  In the Romance dept?  Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, General Fiction but Romance?  If you are picking up one of her 800 page books expecting it to be a romance novel you will be sorely disappointed.  Yeah, there is sex, some, but not enough to make me uncomfortable, so not much at all.  I went ahead and bought her latest as well.  Then I found Studs for Hire, Woman in Charge.  I peeked and it appears that these women have some sort of construction business aimed at women clients.  They specialize in handsome employees maybe.  I don’t know.  I am planning to finish 8 and A Year in Provence  and maybe even more before I tackle that.  I found a Sandra Dallas book on the library’s ipod download site and a Baldacci so I should be in good shape for the 5 hour drive tomorrow.  I read Harry Potter #1 to the ladies last month, so I got them the audio cds of #2 (from the library) to listen to on the way.  They won’t finish them, but then I won’t have to read the whole book aloud either.  I listened to about half of Dallas’ book today while I was running errands.  It was great, being able to “read” and run errands at the same time!