Goals – A Featured_Grownups writing prompt. Featured Grownups suggested we write about our goals this year, so here are mine.


This is the year of finishing projects.Specifically books.I have a few hundred books at my house, many of which are simply unnecessary.I just need to read them and pass them along (or return them…*ahem*).  Most of these books should improve my mind in one way or another.I chose 13 so I could finish about one a month and still read Evanovich’s new 16 book, The Time Traveler’s Wife and whatever other fun things come along.


In no specific order:

Out of Africa by Dinesen.This is Mom’s book, she loaned it to me sometime in the early 1990s.I haven’t forgotten I have it. It is a beautiful copy with watercolor doodles of flowers and such in the margins, just the sort of book I should love to read. I am hoping to read it with magistramater as it is on her list too.


Headhunting in the Solomon Islands and Around the Coral Sea by Mytinger.I started this a few months ago as an avoidance tactic when Mr. Biswas was getting me down.You can imagine how desperate I must have been, just by the title.Shortly after that I cracked down on such nonsense and made myself finish Mr. Biswas.  Headhunting is pretty funny, in an old fashioned sort of way.This copy belonged to my grandfather.


Cheyenne Autumn by Sandoz.I asked for this book in 1989 for my birthday.I have yet to read it, even though it came with rave reviews from my then-roommate.I love Sandoz, she feels like my Nebraska author, more so than Cather, since I grew up near-ish to where Sandoz did.I have no idea why I have not read it, I managed to read Centennial by Michener that year, so it isn’t like I didn’t have time to read in college.


A Circle of Quiet by L’Engle.I went to a garage sale at the home of a deceased minister who had more books than my mother ever considered owning, and that is saying something.This is not the only book of his on this list, but I bought it because I recognized the author and it has a beautiful illustration on the cover.


A Daughter of the Land by Stratton –Porter.This is an ex-library book mom got for me.It must be good or she wouldn’t have picked it out for me.Wait, she was responsible for Mr Biswas, what am I saying?


Three Tales (short stories) by Flaubert.Again from the minister, and I chose it because I read Reading Lolita in Tehran and I recognized the author from that.


The Woman Warrior by Hong Kingston.This book was my grandmother’s or grandfather’s as well.It is about China, and was printed in Taiwan, with endpapers in Taiwanese or whatever, Chinese.  My grandparents used to live there for a few years.  The book looks interesting.


When I Was a Young Man by Bob Kerry.Another Nebraskan, although many no longer claim him.


John Adams by McCullough. Dad gave me this years ago, I started then petered out, leaving a bookmark around page 38.I better just start over.This year he gave me the bio of Louisa May Alcott.I have started that as well, but I think it will go faster.I am currently reading An Echo in the Bone which takes place in the very beginning of the Revolutionary War, maybe I should read this one at the same time, or at least shortly after I finish Gabaldon’s.


Coronado’s Children by J Frank Dobie.Mom has the largest collection of Dobie in private hands, outside of the Dobie library in Abilene TX. Okay I am making this up, but she has tons of his books, actually I have about four of them and could free up some shelf space if only I were to read them and return them.This book also came to live with me about the time of Dinesen.


The Emancipator’s Wife by Hambly.Another big fat one from the minister’s garage sale.


The Killer Angels by Shaara.It is supposed to be good, so why haven’t I read it? Norman Schwarzkopf liked it. I am guessing it is also from the good minister.  It seems an odd title for a minster to have.  If I hadn’t had three or four kids running amok there I could have bought even more books.


The Road to Bithynia by Slaughter.This book was a loan several years ago from a non-related person who probably has forgotten she loaned it to me.She is a minister of a church I do not attend, but I do go to Bible studies there because it is more convenient than my “real” church.


A photo of these books and others I plan to read this year, or hope to read this year.  Rachel Carson may be one for my list next year.  Of the 25 books pictured, ten have bookmarks in them.  Of those ten books, I would say I am actively reading five, I will probably start the other five over. This photo does not include my Gabaldon book, which would have required a wide angle shot lol.  That would bring the total of currently reading to six. Of those six books only Headhunting is on this list.  Five bucks says I am done with all six within two months.