I don’t focus very well these days.  I flit from one project to another, leaving most everything half done. Maybe I have some sort of “AD” thing, I don’t know.  I went grocery shopping yesterday and meant to take a couple of checks to the bank.  I forgot the checks but I saw that the health dept had flu vaccine again, so I decided to pick the ladies up after school and run everyone to the health dept and then go to the bank.  On my way home from this task, GD asked me to pick him up at the house and run him to the farm so he could drive our tractor back to the house.  I got to the house early and was waiting in the car for GD to come home when the phone rang.  Not my cell phone, the home phone.  I had taken the handheld phone to town in the car as well as my cell phone.  I am so important I have to have two phones!