I finally finished my SIL’s Christmas gift.  I made her a quilt, the largest one I have ever made, but still not a Twin quilt.  She loves green.  I think she might actually like the back better than the front….but that’s okay.  Maybe that’s her way of keeping cat hair off of it.


Guess who got a make up set for Christmas?  No, not the gentlemen, they are the clients.  I didn’t get a shot of Paul with tons of black stuff on his eyes, he looked like Cleopatra.

DSC02789 DSC02785

The little guy in the diaper there got to make a potty call this week, yes, you get two phone calls when you use the potty as well as stickers and praise (for him) from five people.  Of course at the end you get the coveted Potty Tractor.  We called Daddy and Grandma this time.

And our sledding pictures.  We had some eight foot drifts in our corral, which made for some good sledding and some nervous heifers.  The slopes were plenty steep, and just long enough that you didn’t mind climbing  back up.  It looks like it will be in the 40s here for a week or so, making a huge mud mess.  The snow was melting about a foot a day.


GD says as much as he would like to exaggerate, the drifts are eight feet tall.  That little pocket there is where the heifers spent the storm.  You couldn’t see the pocket until you were right on it, so it looked like they had been suffocated, which of course they hadn’t.


Mae don’t need no stinkin’ sled!  Those posts are the tops of eight foot posts.  And I wish the house in the background was ours, it is really pretty from the outside, but the location is lousy, right by the train tracks.


The gentlemen braving a trip down the hill


Earlier this snow season, Leo asked me why Paul had pink snow pants.  I said, “do you want pink snow pants?” and he said no.  I said. “then don’t tease him.  he can’t help it he’s the youngest.” We did get new snow clothes for everyone, black and navy now.  Pay no ‘tention to those pink snow boots now.