Featured Grownups suggested we expound on whether we are city mice or country mice.


Anyone who has been reading my blog for over a week already knows I live in the country, and that I am happy here, so I made a list of benefits and costs to living in the country.  I am not sure what the official definition of rural is, but I do know towns of a certain size are still considered rural, maybe even my closest town of around 40,000, which I consider plenty big.  I only live ten miles away, so I can partake in culture, exotic foods (to a point) and most of the things I want to. If Itzak Perleman isn’t coming here, I can always drive a couple of hours to Omaha. 


Just this weekend my seven-year-old daughter compared Lincoln, NE (pop 200,000) to New York City (pop 7,300,000 or so).  Clearly we need to get out more.


I have lived in an area which is about as rural as it comes, so I will use that for a touch stone on rural living, rather than my current circumstances which are much more citified from where they were a few years ago.



An hour and a half from WalMart

One grocery store

No clothing or decor stores

No exotic foods available

Most everywhere is a long distance call

Limited cell service

No 24 hour pizza delivery (or pizza delivery at all for that matter)

No museums

Everyone knows you, and they aren’t always respectful about that

No chic loft apartments available



An hour and a half from WalMart

A grocery carry-out who takes your bags out and puts them in your car while you pay the clerk, without even asking what you drive

No temptation to buy clothes and junk I really don’t need or want

Being on a first name basis with most of my meat and vegetables

Having a four digit phone number

Limited cell service

Being able to see all of the stars at night

Meadowlarks and horses

I can send my kids out to play all day with minimal supervision

Affordable housing


Unfortunately I think it is easy to lose touch with nature while living in a concrete jungle, and nature is very important to me.  I definitely like to visit the lights and action in the city; I wish I could do it more often, but I love coming home to the stars and the quiet of the country.