I ended up writing a practice story, but I didn’t finish it, and it was pretty choppy, so I didn’t post it.  I did however post my actual entry as protected.  If you aren’t on my list and want to see it, just let me know.  I just don’t feel like I want it out there for the whole world to see before the lady who will be judging reads it.

GD pointed out to me this morning that a magazine he subscribes to (a weekly farm publication which will print anything) is advertising for freelance writers.  I could probably pitch a column, if they have available space.  I used to write a wildflower column for them years ago, but I moved away from the wildflowers, literally.  They will likely be happy to re-print some of my blog posts too, they didn’t used to get excited about first rights or anything.  Whoo hoo!  I will be contacting them.