Last night’s date went well, Paul spent much of it nude, because I ran him a bath after having inadvertantly used all the warm water in the washing machine. I already had him undressed, so while we waited around for the hot water heater to catch up we played nude Elefun then nude coloring and nude flash cards.  It has been a long time since I spent all evening with a nekked boy. 

The ladies played hair dresser for Aunt Annette to the point that she may never wash all the product out of her hair and Uncle Brian will almost certainly be going to work at the tractor factory Monday smelling like perfume.

Leo and Daddy had grand fun at the Monster Trucks.  GD thought I was overly cautious when I sent the ear “muffins” with them.  Leo wore them the whole time, and GD wore his quite a bit as well.  Leo stayed up past 11, and he is still excited.

Benjamin Button and I had fun as well, but Brad wasn’t cute for nearly long enough in the movie.  I spent from 11:30-1:00 mulling the movie’s premise.  I need to find the book I guess.

Tonight GD and I are off to Red Lobster and Sherlock Holmes at the cheap theater.  After tomorrow, I will have to find a muumuu to wear.