I got an awesome letter in the mail today congratulating me on winning first prize in a writing contest, for two of my entries!!  Pardon the extra exclamation mark there, it was an accident.  My pieces will go on to the national contest now.  I have already cleared $100 this year for my writing, of course minus the $20 for entries and another $25 for joining the Nebraska section of this outfit so they can send my entries on to national.  Yeah, so we are looking at $55 but that still says dinner out to me!  You should see me turning cartwheels!  (oops there was another one)  One of these was a short story based on a story that an older friend told me, and the other was an article about left handed kids.  I will post them at some point, maybe protected, because I would like to sell them if at all possible and I don’t think they want published entries.  Oh, I need to finish making a birthday cake and cleaning the kitchen floor for tonight’s dinner guests now.  Thanks for listening.