I shipped the gentlemen off to the sitter today and I cleaned the office.  I balanced two checkbooks and put away stuff all day long.  Phew.  The best part was nobody was taking apart the rest of the house while I cleaned and filed.  I just have one box left full of that stuff that accumulates on the kitchen counter from oh, either Thanksgiving or Christmas when I just shoved it in a box for later while cleaning.  I refuse to have Easter here.  You know, I had Easter here last year, making it pretty much me for all three “family” holidays last year.  What a dope am I!  Just kidding.  My SIL moved into a real house so she can start hosting us.  And as for Thanksgiving, I spent most of the prep-time in the emergency room, so I might have to let my SIL claim that one, since she was in my kitchen getting things ready.

For various reasons I have watched a lot of movies lately, both at home and in the theater.  I went to the theater three weeks in a row, and that has never happened, ever.  Ever.  I really liked Up in the Air.  It was nice to see George with a love interest of the same generation.  I watched We Are Marshall.  That was great on so many levels, it had my main squeeze, Matthew McConnoughy (I refuse to learn to spell that until he actually proposes) and Jack from Lost, and January Jones from Mad Men and best of all, Lovejoy!  I had to look him up on wikipedia to be sure, but by golly it was him.  It was like a weird reunion.

I realized that Leo’s toes are doing something weird, after a little investigation I discovered that his shoes are too small.  Bummer, he really likes the Transformers on them, even though he has never watched the show.  While trying to find something in the hand-me-down stuff I found a brand new pair of shoes (bought for a few bucks on clearance and stashed in the hopes that I would remember them in time) that fit Paul who is also ready for new shoes.  Currently Leo is wearing his sister’s black cowboy boots which are a size too big. We will just double sock him and call it good until I get to the store.

I have MOPS tomorrow, I am so glad.  I have been all alone out here all winter it seems.