My first grade daughter sits between “Eddie” and “Frankie” at school.  She is in a combined first and second grade class, and while these young men are in second grade, they should be in third grade.  Mae asked me, “How does sex work?” last night.  I asked where this came from and she said Eddie had told her about it, and that he had some funny words for it like “bang.”  So I told her the truth.  I reminded her how her little brothers have weenies, and said that girls had a hole and that the boy put his weenie in the hole and sometimes the girl has a baby later on.  I told her that only grownups that were married should do this.  She said, “Yeah because how could a kid raise a baby?”  I also told her that she should come to me with these questions, and not to believe everything that Frankie and Eddie told her. 

Tonight I plan to go over the private parts/good touch bad touch talk again.  Did I give her too much information?  Probably, but I would rather do that myself than have to go behind Frankie and Eddie cleaning up, besides we live on a farm and soon enough she is going to see some animal or another doin’ it (or should I say ‘banging’?).  Ideally I would like to teach my kids about sex at age 17 when they leave the convent (lol).  I was in the fifth grade when we got “the film” and that was about when I really correlated the animal thing to humans.  What age would/did you teach your kids about sex?  Did gay sex come up in the conversation?