On the menu


Tonight I am making Jello in the kids’ juice glasses for tomorrow’s breakfast.  I will also be putting a spot of food coloring in their cereal bowl under the cereal so when I add milk it will turn colors.  Do you have any April Fools day plans?

Spring is here…


Good news!  We aren’t getting a fifth kid.  Brit’s mom came home from jail.  When I see her at the school track meet I do believe I will let her know if she is ever “in a pinch” that we would be glad to take care of her daughter for a while.  Now.  If you are a pray-er please pray that her mom can kick meth.  It would make a world’s difference to a little girl.

It has been so nice here, we have put homework on the back burner, way behind playing outside.  Mae appears to have lost a piece of homework.  She’s going to have to make it up at school I guess. It is so nice to have them out from underfoot.  Even the mud is worth it.  Paul is freezing his b@%%s off.  literally, I keep him naked from the waist down as much as possible, so he will be potty trained before our trip this spring. Some days are better than others.  He actually used the dentist’s potty yesterday.

I had the windows open all day yesterday and I have the drippy nose going today. I took Claratin this morning, then after a couple of hours when it became clear that it wasn’t working, I took some generic pseudoephedrine thing, then I got a sinus headache so I took Tylenol.  My nose is still running –  a lot.  How can that be?  Buy stock in Kimberly Clark I guess.



My lunch with Mrs. Governor went well.  Etiquette question:  If you have two forks and are served a one-plate buffet, do you use your salad fork?  I did, but then forgot to switch off.  Oops.  I paid $20 for a potato bar.  It was good, but not that good. 

I made some great connections.  I found a writer with a lot more experience than I have living a short distance call away. I am hoping to forge a friendship with her.  She’s emailed me twice since Friday, so it shouldn’t be difficult. 

Today, GD started burning the trash then took off for the farm.  Jane came in to tell me that Mae and Leo were playing in the fire on the ground.  I told her to tell her father (since I thought he was outside).  By the time I made it out there, our house was about 15 minutes from burning down.  The fire had spread towards a haybale sitting 15 feet from the barn.  The kids were pouring water from a drinking glass on the fire.  Our well is beside the burn barrel, and we installed a hydrant at the well.  I grabbed a couple of buckets and got the fire out.  Luckily the grass is green and everything is wet, so nothing really burned much. Later we had a safety talk, stressing that if the fire is not in the barrel, and a grownup is not watching, get a grownup out there.DSC02827 DSC02828   The pickup was not there at the time, but you can see the bale sitting there under the cat looking all flammable and everything. 

I took a photo of December’s snowdrift in our yard yesterday.  The snow finally melted away today.  This week they are threatening upper 70s. Spring is here, even if we still have a pile of snow behind the north windbreak, I expect it will be gone in a couple of weeks.

DSC02826 GD is listening to the basketball game and I can’t even think straight, so I shall end here.

Spring is Here


and so are the baby longhorns.  Winter 0910-332 Winter 0910-329 Winter 0910-325 I don’t have a telephoto or anything, our cows are just really tame, in fact the mostly white one kept walking towards me and I had a hard time getting far enough away to get him.

Zumba Zumba


I made it to Zumba.  The teacher was gone, so the yoga teacher was subbing.  She is a lot more flexible and bendy and bouncy than the Zumba teacher, and since she didn’t know the routines by heart, it was more extemporaneous than usual.  I sweated like never before.  I went to the locker room to find that my lock had either been stolen or cut.  My stuff was still there; some swim panties for Paul and an old towel etc.  I hadn’t paid for the locker since it went up years ago from a reasonable $5 a year to $15 and now $25.  I just emptied it out.  I don’t use it that often.  We ate out at Qdoba which was quite good, then went to the grocery store.  I am tired and wired and hungry.  I think I hear a nap calling me.  Or an Oreo, I can’t tell which.  Maybe a book…

What’s up here?


We filled out our census this week.  I let the ladies fill in their lines.  Jane got her two backwards.  Twice.  In the old censuses, I am thinking of late 1800s England, they asked you what you did for a living.  The children were all called “scholar” which sounds kind of smart, although I don’t know what else you would call it.  Student, I guess.

I watched a show about eating healthy tonight, some celebrity chef from England came over to one of the Carolinas to teach the community about healthy foods.  Not that I care, but for some reason we seem to believe what the English have to say to us (except when they say, “pay us taxes”).  I don’t watch The Nanny, but I might start watching this.  I hope he succeeds.  My husband goes years between seeing chicken nuggets on his plate here.  The kids?  Eh not so much.  I don’t usually “cook” lunch, but I nearly always cook supper.  GD takes leftovers for his lunch, so we don’t even get those at home. 

Tomorrow is Zumba and I am making myself go.  I seriously would like to not have to buy all new shorts because I am too lazy to lose enough weight to get into last year’s shorts.  Yeesh, self control girl.

A little girl in Mae’s class has a rough life.  Her mom is in jail for second offense Meth and her father has an ankle bracelet and may have had his computer removed from the home.  I told GD this and he said, “I wish we could be her foster parents.”  So I started looking into it.  I don’t want to get into the habit of being a foster parent, but I like the girl, and I would like to help her if we can.  She has said that she will go to Florida to live with an aunt if she is removed…again.  If she does this she will probably never see her mother again.  We did some thinking and some praying, God knows our family has our own problems…but I decided I would open the door by applying to be a foster parent and IF we are approved and IF she is removed, well the door was open, and if it is to be, then it will be.  The picture I have in my mind is the book Weekends at Belleview about the psych emergency ward where the Dr said, “what most of these people need, we can’t give.  They need a childhood transplant.”

So we are filling out masses of paperwork, with questions about how our parents raised us and what our parent’s shortcomings are.  Then they start in on us.  There are 150 questions, including questions about your kids’ strengths and weaknesses.  I have strengths on everyone, but I can’t put my finger on Leo’s weakness.  He’s a perfect three-year-old (just ask my grandma).

Mom was telling me that she has an interesting memory of the Civil Rights Bill.  If she gets around to writing it up, I will recommend it.  You can consider this a reminder Mom…

I am reading a book about China.  All other books I have read about China have been written by outsiders, I think even Amy Tan, one of my very favorite authors, is probably an outsider.  The lady who wrote this might have been raised in America, maybe not, but she has written an interesting book.  I can’t decide if it is a collection of short stories or if they will all end up connected in the end, but I had Mae read a sentence, the one about a girl named Fu Mu Lan.  Remember Mulan the movie?  Yep it is her.

Friday I am off to lunch with the Governor’s wife. (we do that a couple of times a year you know)  No, this has to do with the writing contest.  I will have to decide how to best pry my body into something remotely dressy (I refuse to buy any clothes when I have a perfectly good wardrobe if I just put a little effort into fitting into it) and then pull out my “company manners.”  It might be fun.  I will get to spend about four hours in a car with a woman who gets paid to write.  That part can’t be bad.

GD is getting calves right and left.  The longhorn bull did his work, and they are cuter than ever.  One little guy has black ears and a black nose and the rest of him is white.  I will have to take some photos.  Does anyone need a longhorn bull? 


Quote of the day


I couldn’t confirm it on the internet, but my minister told me Phyllis Diller said this: “I hated to drink in front of the children, but when they weren’t around, I didn’t need to.”

I did get to scrapbook.  My friends do it at the Country Club, where they offered a $17 buffet last night.  I stuck to the salad bar and probably spent nearly as much.  I managed to get 13 pages done, but some of them are pretty plain.  I may doctor them up later.  I had sorted out my photos ahead of time and made baggies of about 20 “pages” that were ready to go.  Not having to sort through pictures made the whole process go a lot faster.

Now in honor of cleaning my house this morning, another Diller quote:  “Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.”

Babysitter blues


She did it again.  The babysitter my kids like the most, and whom I also like, bailed on me for tonight. I was going to scrapbook with the ladies, I got tons of photos ready and was all psyched and she called (crying) because her mom is really sick.  Miss Kris is in her 50s and is the sole caretaker of her sickly parents.  Her father finally died a year ago.  She bails on me about 50% of the time, either she is sick (and I am sure she is, she has chronic health issues) or her mom is sick (and I am sure she is, she smoked for most of her life).  I really feel for her, but I hate it when she uses me for a reference.  I tell the truth, that I love her dearly and she is great with kids, but you better have a backup just in case. 

I met Miss Kris in Perkins. We were eating with baby Jane (1 week?) and Mae (a little over a year old) and my dad and his girlfriend.  Jane wanted to be held.  This stranger came over and politely offered to hold the baby while we ate. I looked over, and I was sitting between her and the exit so I said okay.  She gave me her number when she gave me Jane back.  I took it and called her about a year later.  Because she is on disability, she can’t hold down a steady job, but she liked to watch kids, and she does a good job at it. 

GD said he might be able to be home by 6 so I could still go.  I am thinking I will take him up on that, even though it would put me 2 1/2 hours behind. I get so much more done when I start early.  Maybe I could pawn the kids off on a neighbor for a while…

I got a dandy little cutting machine I can’t wait to break in.  It was on sale for over half off, so I couldn’t pass it up.

Have a good weekend.




I went to church yesterday with a “headache” for the first time in years.

Book Number 2 of 13


My goal is to be done with Headhunting in the Solomon Islands and Around the Coral Sea by the end of the weekend so I can leave the book at Mom’s.  What did I think?  The author went to the Solomon Islands ostensibly to record (these are air quotes not actual ones) “the physiological differences in the skeletal-facial- features of the various tribes of the Pacific”  Nobody would admit to going to Scandinavia to record the facial bone structure differences between the Swedes the Finns and the Norwegians, would they?  Maybe Hitler I guess, but this book took place in the 1920s.  My particluar book has four portraits and a large number of cute sketchlets throughout.  (Mom, ours might be a first edition, so don’t get rid of it just in case.)  

Mytinger stayed with various plantation owners (picture de Becque, the planter from South Pacific) over the course of four years while having the adventure of a lifetime.  I don’t think the author was writing in a way that was maybe any different from other writers of her time, but now it reads as prejudiced, and in incredibly poor taste.  It is a fun story and I have enjoyed it, but where she referred to a guy as a gorilla is going to stick with me.  Probably some of this is due to her tongue-in-cheek style of writing; she makes plenty of fun of herself and her friend as well.  I believe I will skip the sequel, but I have no regrets about reading this one.

Smithsonian magazine had an interesting article about the “expotition” while Caroline Mytinger’s portraits reside at the Hearst Museum Mytinger Gallery.  She was a fascinating person.

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