I can officially put John Adams to bed.  He was quite a guy, he accomplished amazing things, and I certainly didn’t know enough about him (but now I do).  To paraphrase (because I don’t know where it was in the book)   Jefferson was the pen of the revolution and Adams was the voice of the revolution.  So.  I was going to read 13 particular (and possibly difficult) books this year among my other books.  Well, at this rate it will take me 26 months to complete my task.  My next book will be Headhunting in the Solomon Islands and Around the Coral Sea. I had started it in an attempt to avoid reading the Bible last year, and if you have ever read Cornelia Otis Skinner’s book, Our Hearts Were Young and Gay, it kind of started out like that, the style and casual attitude towards organized travel.

I also read (listened to) Weekends at Belleview read by the author, Julie Holland.  It is an exceptional book.  She worked weekends at the emergency psych ward for nine years, and she has amazing stories to tell.