At a glance, people think I must be good with children, well I have four, shouldn’t that be proof?  The answer my friend is no.  I am not good with kids.  Oh, I am okay with mine, I know where they are coming from, but I don’t set mine down at the same time and try to teach all four of them something.  I can’t handle the distractions.  I have a hard time talking to people who are fidgeting and bouncing all over the place.  I can handle a few kids, in a closed setting, but put me in charge of a table-full of kids I don’t know very well and I am sunk.  I especially have no idea how to handle naughty (disruptive) boys.   

I was asked to help at the Wednesday After School Church club today.  (Actually it is called Kids Klub.  I hate it when people spell words wrong on purpose.  I guess I should keep my mouth shut, I love the word “kinda.”)  Frankie sat at my table. You remember Frankie don’t cha?   I am surprised that Mae’s teacher does not show signs of alcoholism.  I need a drink after two hours with him.  The kid is smart, but busy, so busy and he wants to show off and oh my, he drove me nuts.  At one point I told him I couldn’t sit on both sides of him (to keep him out of trouble).  He zipped through the word search and learned the Bible verse quickly.  I did not miss my calling when I didn’t go into teaching.