We (Grandpa Daddy) put in replacement windows this fall.  I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to see out the windows.  They don’t fog up, they all open, it is just nice.  I will have to stain and polyurethane the insides of the new windows then I will need to stain the trim.


The new windows are a different size than the original windows, some just barely so and others are considerably larger. Thus most windows will have to have some drywall patched in (because while my husband can do anything, he doesn’t always do it to professional standards).  Once this has been done, I will have to paint all of the rooms in the house; the kitchen/diningroom, three bedrooms, the hall and the livingroom.  He hasn’t actually replaced the bathroom window; I have high hopes that it won’t involve any patching.


Speaking of hope, I am hoping I can kind of touch up the paint in the ladies’ room, but the others are going to get new paint, wall to wall as it were.  I also should replace the wallpaper in the hall because I have a wallpaper peeler, you know, a human one.  I hate to replace it, but it looks horrid.  Like someone has been picking at it and peeling it.  If I replace it, will he outgrow this problem?


We painted when we moved in, except for one bedroom, so I suppose the paint is 9-12 years old and certainly could use a freshening.  This will lead to new curtains in most rooms as well.  I promise not to change the carpet (although most of the rooms could use new carpet too). The collateral cost of these windows is looking to be considerable.