Paul has been swinging in the breeze all day.  Early this morning he tinkled on the floor but since then he has always made it to the potty. 

The good news,

  • He knows what is going on
  • We may be in Underoos before our trip to Texas in May
  • He is using up all of our Easter and Halloween and Christmas candy

The bad news,

  • Paul might decide that he only needs to use the potty if he is not wearing pants, while it saves on laundry it isn’t widely acceptable in public venues
  • We are running out of people to receive “potty calls”
  • He is going through candy rewards to the extent that he may not sleep tonight

The best news,

  • I sold the crib on Craig’s List for $100 cash!  I have a closet again! (and money to buy a bunkbed)