She did it again.  The babysitter my kids like the most, and whom I also like, bailed on me for tonight. I was going to scrapbook with the ladies, I got tons of photos ready and was all psyched and she called (crying) because her mom is really sick.  Miss Kris is in her 50s and is the sole caretaker of her sickly parents.  Her father finally died a year ago.  She bails on me about 50% of the time, either she is sick (and I am sure she is, she has chronic health issues) or her mom is sick (and I am sure she is, she smoked for most of her life).  I really feel for her, but I hate it when she uses me for a reference.  I tell the truth, that I love her dearly and she is great with kids, but you better have a backup just in case. 

I met Miss Kris in Perkins. We were eating with baby Jane (1 week?) and Mae (a little over a year old) and my dad and his girlfriend.  Jane wanted to be held.  This stranger came over and politely offered to hold the baby while we ate. I looked over, and I was sitting between her and the exit so I said okay.  She gave me her number when she gave me Jane back.  I took it and called her about a year later.  Because she is on disability, she can’t hold down a steady job, but she liked to watch kids, and she does a good job at it. 

GD said he might be able to be home by 6 so I could still go.  I am thinking I will take him up on that, even though it would put me 2 1/2 hours behind. I get so much more done when I start early.  Maybe I could pawn the kids off on a neighbor for a while…

I got a dandy little cutting machine I can’t wait to break in.  It was on sale for over half off, so I couldn’t pass it up.

Have a good weekend.