My lunch with Mrs. Governor went well.  Etiquette question:  If you have two forks and are served a one-plate buffet, do you use your salad fork?  I did, but then forgot to switch off.  Oops.  I paid $20 for a potato bar.  It was good, but not that good. 

I made some great connections.  I found a writer with a lot more experience than I have living a short distance call away. I am hoping to forge a friendship with her.  She’s emailed me twice since Friday, so it shouldn’t be difficult. 

Today, GD started burning the trash then took off for the farm.  Jane came in to tell me that Mae and Leo were playing in the fire on the ground.  I told her to tell her father (since I thought he was outside).  By the time I made it out there, our house was about 15 minutes from burning down.  The fire had spread towards a haybale sitting 15 feet from the barn.  The kids were pouring water from a drinking glass on the fire.  Our well is beside the burn barrel, and we installed a hydrant at the well.  I grabbed a couple of buckets and got the fire out.  Luckily the grass is green and everything is wet, so nothing really burned much. Later we had a safety talk, stressing that if the fire is not in the barrel, and a grownup is not watching, get a grownup out there.DSC02827 DSC02828   The pickup was not there at the time, but you can see the bale sitting there under the cat looking all flammable and everything. 

I took a photo of December’s snowdrift in our yard yesterday.  The snow finally melted away today.  This week they are threatening upper 70s. Spring is here, even if we still have a pile of snow behind the north windbreak, I expect it will be gone in a couple of weeks.

DSC02826 GD is listening to the basketball game and I can’t even think straight, so I shall end here.