Good news!  We aren’t getting a fifth kid.  Brit’s mom came home from jail.  When I see her at the school track meet I do believe I will let her know if she is ever “in a pinch” that we would be glad to take care of her daughter for a while.  Now.  If you are a pray-er please pray that her mom can kick meth.  It would make a world’s difference to a little girl.

It has been so nice here, we have put homework on the back burner, way behind playing outside.  Mae appears to have lost a piece of homework.  She’s going to have to make it up at school I guess. It is so nice to have them out from underfoot.  Even the mud is worth it.  Paul is freezing his b@%%s off.  literally, I keep him naked from the waist down as much as possible, so he will be potty trained before our trip this spring. Some days are better than others.  He actually used the dentist’s potty yesterday.

I had the windows open all day yesterday and I have the drippy nose going today. I took Claratin this morning, then after a couple of hours when it became clear that it wasn’t working, I took some generic pseudoephedrine thing, then I got a sinus headache so I took Tylenol.  My nose is still running –  a lot.  How can that be?  Buy stock in Kimberly Clark I guess.