I am doing some research about an old cowboy who lived near where I grew up.  He died an old man 20 years ago.  Today I was on the internet googling different things and I found where someone who was possibly his sister presented a program to the company her granddaughter worked at five years ago.  On a whim I called the company and the granddaughter still worked there.  She told me her grandmother is still alive and would love to talk on the phone with me.  The woman is 103 years old!  I am beside myself with joy.  I never would have guessed that his sister was still alive, he was eleven years older than her.  GD is bringing me a phone conversation recorder home from Radio Shack (or “The Shack” as the guy said when he answered the phone) this evening.  I had to call Dad so he could bring me down to Earth and help me jot down the right questions to ask her.  I love it when a plan comes together!