We went to my husband’s church today.  He is Catholic, but he doesn’t attend regularly, so we usually go to my church.  That is neither here nor there, but the Catholic part does matter.  The priest is a little… goofy for lack of a better word.  He is fairly young and prone to speaking off the cuff.  He had a triple baptism today, and he described to us what he was doing to the babies; he spoke extensively about the annointing oils or what ever it was he was using.  He told us how the church got a new stockpile of it every year after Easter and that he liked the scent of it, then he invited us to personally welcome the babies to the congregation after church… and to smell their heads.

We found this announcement in the bulletin, in bold all caps, headline style font.  I. Kid. You. Not.  “April is child prevention awareness month.”  …I wonder if they will be holding seminars or something.