GD has a sign at his place of work promoting safety.  I want to post a sign here too…  1 Accident free day.  Our good friend Paul used a public bathroom yesterday and managed to keep his underwear dry all day.  Today he is running around in the buff, but he has used the potty twice without being reminded. Woo hoo!  He may get that potty tractor before the end of the month yet!

In other news, the kitten has been excited to use our sand box for her…litterbox.  I was not impressed.  The older cats seem to know better, but they never lived in the house with the litterbox.  Someone told me in a completely different context that coffee grounds keep cats out of gardens etc.  Every morning Leo and Paul take the coffee out to the sandbox, just one of their many chores.  And our sandbox smells good to the last drop, the jury is still out on whether it works, but it can’t possibly hurt anything.