After a small set back which reset the clock, Paul is at 3 Accident Free Days.   His potty tractor was kind of lame, it was just like Dad’s, but it had nothing to pull behind it, no implements, so I went to Ace Hardware and bought him another tractor of the same scale but with a wagon and a disc.  Then he and his brother can each pull an implement with a tractor that fits it.  I figure the $16 I spent on the second tractor is less than two boxes of Luvs so we are still ahead.  212992663 I couldn’t believe this site is selling the tractor for more than twice what I paid.  Frankly, I think that if John Deere ditched their branded merchandise they would go broke.  At least IH has a little class and doesn’t proustite themselves by putting their logo and colors on everything from fabric to dishes to shoes.   Spell check and I just got in to it over the spelling of merchandise.  According to Mr. Webster I won.