Just a short note to let you know I am still alive. We took a trip to Texas; San Antonio, Corpus Christi then to see my grandparents in Harlingen (Brownsville). It was fun, my sunburn is peeling so the vacation must be over. More on that later.

I hoed in the garden a couple of days ago and then it rained about half an inch that night. The weeds came back with a vengeance. GD rototilled today, I haven’t been out to see, but I hoed some first and hurt my left wrist. I plan on it healing tonight as I sleep. I also plan to have GD build me a raised garden area for my bulbs tomorrow. I keep losing them on the south side of the house in the grass. We have plenty of manure and extra top soil. I know you aren’t supposed to move bulbs this time of the year, but when else can I find them? I want to either move or kill all of the junky odd shrubs and perennials from that side of the house and plant grass to the foundation. That is part of the reason I will be needing my wrist. I might even move my irises. They are not happy where they are. They are in a row 30 feet long and one bloomed this year. They might end up with my tulips and daffodils.

A friend gave me her bike. I took it for a spin tonight and never fell off. I haven’t been on a bike since…well a couple of times in 2002 1992 (what was I thinking? I was pregnant in 2002) and before that,  it is anyone’s guess, yours would be as good as mine. I did not come from a bike riding family.

I hear a nice warm bath calling….oh my aching back!