GD called tonight and asked if I had enough supper for company. He hasn’t done that in years, in fact it was about 2000 the last time he brought someone home for supper unexpectedly.

My wedding invitation was a little strange. The wedding was in Mountain Time and the reception was in Central Time. They insisted I put “standard” on it although it was daylight savings time. I was a laid-back bride.  I met one of GD’s friends at the reception, I might have met him a little earlier, but he and his buddy stole me from the reception for a while and we drove around looking for a bar. Since it was past closing we had no luck, but we thought that maybe the one across the time zone might still be open. Turns out it had been closed for hours, but we had a nice talk.

Then we moved down here, and since JT is a trucker he stopped by when he was in town, which ended up being about once every month or two. That was before kids so we would eat steak somewhere or I would cook here. JT was kind of like one of GD’s brothers, one that I really enjoy being around. Then he and GD got crossways about something and I hadn’t seen him since 2000. Then GD called tonight and brought him home for supper!

Now GD is cheering for the Lakers and JT is cheering for Boston, possibly just to be ornery…he’s like that.