Long time no blog. It is nothing personal, I have been busy. I spent several hours in the garden today. It looks better, not great. We lost a row of beans, a couple of tomatoes and the carrots and beets to the neighbor across the road. His 80 acre field drains into our garden because the county won’t maintain the ditch. I will be sending them photos soon.

Last weekend we went to GD’s class reunion or alumni actually. I don’t socialize well, so I called a friend and had her meet me at the party. We had a great chat. GD and I left around two. I guess the cops were by…The party wound down at four. I am too old for that stuff anymore. The next night we had the alumni banquet. There were representatives from the classes of 1940-2010, about 300 people total. They introduced all of the attending graduates. Small town you know.

They had 13 inches and more of rain in that area. There was water across the road in several places, and a bridge had washed completely out. That is a year’s worth of rain in one month!  The hills were green and beautiful. I miss living up there. When I did live up there it was pretty lonely, there aren’t many people and those that are there have been friends since birth and they don’t often welcome newcomers. I would miss the morning newspaper and I would miss a choice of places to shop for groceries and eat out. That is it. I could live without the other conveniences our town provides. I forget how big our town is until I accidentally go to the mall on Saturday. I am just not a crowd person.

On the way home we visited a friend who showed us his horses. Jane was the only one who wanted to sit on one. That would be JT, the friend, with her.6-10 025

Next weekend we have GD’s family reunion of every five years. GD has threatened to pack the tent to use Friday night. Could be interesting. We plan to go to our friends’ lake for the fourth and bring along homemade icecream. I am thinking rhubarb and something else, not sure what yet.

We had our dog shaved a while back. He is a blue merle Australian Shepherd, and he was really hairy. I told Leo that our dog would look a lot different when we went to pick him up. A golden lab came out to meet us and Leo said, “Is this Jake?” That would be a doggie makeover!6-10 042

I guess I better do laundry. The boys are pretty much out of boy panties.