What’s in a name? Re-run mostly


I name my shoes. Is that weird? Not all of my shoes rank high enough to have names, just the special ones. Before you think I am too weird, I use descriptive names, my closet holds nobody named Amy or Phyllis, although it is home to my Interview Shoes.

I bought my Interview Shoes while pregnant with my second child. My boss informed me that she could not allow me to go part time, and I had hopes that I could find a decent paying job that would. Although I did not get a part time job, I got a nice pair of classic brown shoes in the deal. They look nice with pants, similar to my old City Slicker Shoes.

My Parachute Shoes date from high school. They were funky olive drab canvas shoes with a rubber sole, that had…parachutes in the tread. I wore them through college, and eventually they wore out. They didn’t look nice with anything, but people noticed them.

A cross between tennis shoes and cowboy boots, my Pony Boots look classy with jeans and a nice shirt. With more traction than a Tony Lama they aren’t good for dancing but you can walk in them all day. Unfortunately the uppers have separated from the rubber sole in a place, and I haven’t bought another pair, so they only go out when the forecast is nice.

Probably my Sexy Shoes don’t need a description, but they are black and sparkly and, I will add, the first and only time I wore them I got pregnant.

I bought a pair of shoes this week at Penney’s, for a wedding this weekend. They are by Jacqueline Ferrar and they look great on my particular size of foot, never mind what that may be. I call them my Kick-Ass Strappy Shoes. Mine are Champagne colored. If any shoe could get me pregnant again it would be these; the price was right and they are comfortable too.

My Big Bird Shoes, bright yellow Converse All Stars, were three or four sizes too big for me. They were not practical unless I was boating, when they were handy because water and sand would drain right out and the shoes stayed on my feet. This was in the days before Teevos. They were a good conversation piece.

Less interesting are my Cowboy Boots. I bought them at Cheyenne Frontier Days a little tight around the early 1990s. The clerk told me bull hide would not stretch much. I started wearing them with two pairs of socks the third time we left the house together, but I love them enough to have had them re-heeled and re-soled.

The rest of my shoes are pretty typical, everyone has them, and they aren’t distinctive enough to earn names, garden shoes, sandals, snow boots, and tennies.

My daughters started naming shoes as well. I am not sure where they picked it up, because I don’t usually talk about my shoes by name. They get excited when I put on my Clip Clop Shoes. These would be anything I wear on Sunday that make noise on the kitchen floor, usually with pantyhose and a dress. They have some Clip Clop Shoes of their own as well. They also have Lightening Shoes, Black Boots and Papa Sandals.

Who knows why I name my shoes? I don’t buy more than two pairs a year, so I don’t have a “thing” about lots of shoes. In fact, I try to toss a pair of shoes each time I buy a new pair. I live in my tennies, so maybe it is an exciting occasion to wear something else.

I don’t want to have to use my belt on you…


I am having belt problems. Tomorrow night I have tickets to a country music concert and I thought I should update my belt situation. When I started having kids back in 2002, women’s jeans still were high waisted, like up around the ribcage. This is no longer the case, but my belts were of a size that went around my waist…before four kids came along. I own a beautiful brown leather belt with silver on it which is the perfect size for my great grandfather’s silver buckle, tip and keeper. I don’t see ever fitting into that belt again which is a crying shame. My other belt was just woven but is also too small now.

So I went belt shopping at the one and only western store in our fair city. They had zilch. I refuse to wear rhinestones at my age (or any age for that matter) and what didn’t have them was just ugly.  When a clerk asked if she could help me I asked where the men’s belts were. Can you imagine being out in public with a guy who would wear a belt with rhinestones? I was shocked. I thought guys had more sense than that. I was looking for a belt with a little silver on it, nothing tacky, just a nice accent. I did find a belt, but it didn’t have silver. It had barbed wire (well, wrapped wire that looks like Glidden’s special triple twist). A good friend and I had a running joke about barbed wire years ago, and it was the only belt with decoration I could picture myself wearing, so I got it. I will be laughing to myself all night long and nobody else will know why. Unless Brad shows up.6-10 060

In other belt news the ladies were vacuuming their room the other day and someone came to tell me that the vacuum smelled funny. I took it apart and saw that they had tried to vacuum a Lego tire, which had caused the belt to wear through. I sat there looking at the shredded belt when I noticed the manufacturer had a little space for a spare belt in the head part of the vacuum….and it had a spare belt in it! I was very impressed with my vacuum cleaner designer. Must have been a woman.

I also got some kick-ass heels on sale at Penney’s. Can’t wait to wear them to Jill’s wedding next weekend.

Best. Party. Ever.


Lost and Found

  1. Orange sippie cup
  2. Pan which held yummy cream puff dessert
  3. White spoon/fork thing
  4. Six-year-old child
  5. Yellow tray
  6. Deviled egg containers
  7. Two green lawn chairs
  8. Five pack of Mich Ultra Pomegranate (??)
  9. A green towel and a purple towel

Let me know if any of these things belong to you.

You know it is a good party when people you don’t even know show up and you end up with two extra people at breakfast.  We stayed up way too late and had way too much fun. We need to make the Wildflower-we-sprayed-for-mosquitoes-garden-party an annual event. Almost all of my friends were able to come, the few of you who didn’t know who you are and you better be here next year.


Country kid entertainment


Borrowed slide




Yummy dessert


Mud pies


No, for the last time so quit asking.


Good brownies

DSC00122 crop2

He is single.






Flash of Brilliance


 Last winter Mae asked me how the weather guy on the news could see what he was pointing at when he was looking a different direction. Instead of trying to describe a green screen I decided to see if we could tour the station this summer and that is what we did this morning. It was awesome! We got to stand on the set while they filmed the first segment then we hung out in the sound booth for the second one then they moved us to the weather room so we could watch them film that. Afterwards we got a back room tour. The kids really enjoyed it, and they discovered the anchor is a friend of Mae’s teacher next year.  ***Edit*** The weather guy kept waving at us when he wasn’t on camera!

This is the cherry tree I got to pick cherries from.

I have four pie’s worth in the freezer.     6-10 021

I believe “laden” is the word you are looking for.

New energy efficient washing machine.Same old energy efficient dryer.            

DSC00028 DSC00029 DSC00031

Paul with his pasties


The kids and my brother at the lighthouse by where he lives. John is the tall one.


Me at Laura Ingalls Wilder’s birth place.


Most of my kids by the fireplace.


The other side of the cabin. 


A barn in use, whatta ya know.