Last winter Mae asked me how the weather guy on the news could see what he was pointing at when he was looking a different direction. Instead of trying to describe a green screen I decided to see if we could tour the station this summer and that is what we did this morning. It was awesome! We got to stand on the set while they filmed the first segment then we hung out in the sound booth for the second one then they moved us to the weather room so we could watch them film that. Afterwards we got a back room tour. The kids really enjoyed it, and they discovered the anchor is a friend of Mae’s teacher next year.  ***Edit*** The weather guy kept waving at us when he wasn’t on camera!

This is the cherry tree I got to pick cherries from.

I have four pie’s worth in the freezer.     6-10 021

I believe “laden” is the word you are looking for.

New energy efficient washing machine.Same old energy efficient dryer.            

DSC00028 DSC00029 DSC00031

Paul with his pasties


The kids and my brother at the lighthouse by where he lives. John is the tall one.


Me at Laura Ingalls Wilder’s birth place.


Most of my kids by the fireplace.


The other side of the cabin. 


A barn in use, whatta ya know.