Lost and Found

  1. Orange sippie cup
  2. Pan which held yummy cream puff dessert
  3. White spoon/fork thing
  4. Six-year-old child
  5. Yellow tray
  6. Deviled egg containers
  7. Two green lawn chairs
  8. Five pack of Mich Ultra Pomegranate (??)
  9. A green towel and a purple towel

Let me know if any of these things belong to you.

You know it is a good party when people you don’t even know show up and you end up with two extra people at breakfast.  We stayed up way too late and had way too much fun. We need to make the Wildflower-we-sprayed-for-mosquitoes-garden-party an annual event. Almost all of my friends were able to come, the few of you who didn’t know who you are and you better be here next year.


Country kid entertainment


Borrowed slide




Yummy dessert


Mud pies


No, for the last time so quit asking.


Good brownies

DSC00122 crop2

He is single.