I am having belt problems. Tomorrow night I have tickets to a country music concert and I thought I should update my belt situation. When I started having kids back in 2002, women’s jeans still were high waisted, like up around the ribcage. This is no longer the case, but my belts were of a size that went around my waist…before four kids came along. I own a beautiful brown leather belt with silver on it which is the perfect size for my great grandfather’s silver buckle, tip and keeper. I don’t see ever fitting into that belt again which is a crying shame. My other belt was just woven but is also too small now.

So I went belt shopping at the one and only western store in our fair city. They had zilch. I refuse to wear rhinestones at my age (or any age for that matter) and what didn’t have them was just ugly.  When a clerk asked if she could help me I asked where the men’s belts were. Can you imagine being out in public with a guy who would wear a belt with rhinestones? I was shocked. I thought guys had more sense than that. I was looking for a belt with a little silver on it, nothing tacky, just a nice accent. I did find a belt, but it didn’t have silver. It had barbed wire (well, wrapped wire that looks like Glidden’s special triple twist). A good friend and I had a running joke about barbed wire years ago, and it was the only belt with decoration I could picture myself wearing, so I got it. I will be laughing to myself all night long and nobody else will know why. Unless Brad shows up.6-10 060

In other belt news the ladies were vacuuming their room the other day and someone came to tell me that the vacuum smelled funny. I took it apart and saw that they had tried to vacuum a Lego tire, which had caused the belt to wear through. I sat there looking at the shredded belt when I noticed the manufacturer had a little space for a spare belt in the head part of the vacuum….and it had a spare belt in it! I was very impressed with my vacuum cleaner designer. Must have been a woman.

I also got some kick-ass heels on sale at Penney’s. Can’t wait to wear them to Jill’s wedding next weekend.