I just have a moment


I am having problems getting internet hooked up.  It appears we have some mass confusion happening, but Dad’s museum has wifi so here I am furtively blogging. I can’t wait to read ya’lls stuff and catch up.  Dad got me a new computer which I will have to pay for at some point. $400 doesn’t seem insurmountable, but it may be a while before I get him paid back. I sat down and wrote for about three hours last night. It was such a relief to be able to think with the written word. Writing it out by hand takes so long these days.  

I got some books unpacked yesterday, so it looks like home. Still haven’t found the kids’ toothbrushes but we have priorities at our house.

I had a great interview with the library this morning.  I am really pumped about that. I should find out next week what is going on. 

I am hoping to go to a high school football game this weekend. I love HS football.

I probably better email my lawyer or something now. The end is in sight!

Can’t wait till next week when I can catch up on Xanga, assuming they get internet hooked up.

Wherein I actually start packing


I had some friends over last night and they seemed surprised that I hadn’t started packing. So I started. You can thank your lucky stars you don’t live near me. I have ten huge boxes of books. That would be the adult books. There are probably at least two or three boxes of kid books yet to pack. Several friends have offered to help me pack so I kind of have to get off my butt and do something now. I also hit the jackpot at the grocery store in fruit boxes so I am out of excuses.

In other good news my friend has a 14 year old son, and I am am a firm believer in 14 year old computer repair-men. He told me what the problem was, found me a comparable computer for under $400 and offered me $50 for parting out my laptop. He probably would install Linux if only I were to ask.