I am having problems getting internet hooked up.  It appears we have some mass confusion happening, but Dad’s museum has wifi so here I am furtively blogging. I can’t wait to read ya’lls stuff and catch up.  Dad got me a new computer which I will have to pay for at some point. $400 doesn’t seem insurmountable, but it may be a while before I get him paid back. I sat down and wrote for about three hours last night. It was such a relief to be able to think with the written word. Writing it out by hand takes so long these days.  

I got some books unpacked yesterday, so it looks like home. Still haven’t found the kids’ toothbrushes but we have priorities at our house.

I had a great interview with the library this morning.  I am really pumped about that. I should find out next week what is going on. 

I am hoping to go to a high school football game this weekend. I love HS football.

I probably better email my lawyer or something now. The end is in sight!

Can’t wait till next week when I can catch up on Xanga, assuming they get internet hooked up.