Things I love about my new home.

  • My job.
  • I get to see Grandma when I want. And my parents too.
  • The climate-the humidity drops by 2/3 or more at this end of the state.
  • The scenery; hills and native plants.
  • I am closer to my college friends and two of my best friends too. (I like to use all three forms of “to” in one sentence from time to time.)
  • Target.
  • The park across the street.
  • The zoo.
  • Directional train horns.


Things I miss about my old town.

  • The newspaper. It is infinitely better than the TP they print here and call a paper. I even miss specific reporters.
  • The free wading pools for children, and the little train.
  • My old grocery store.
  • My friends.
  • The TV stations, I have to pay to get any TV here.
  • The weather guy here is a dweeb. He was 30 years ago too.
  • Underpasses and overpasses.


Things I love about my job.

  • I get to meet all kinds of people (and believe you me, there are all kinds out there).
  • I never have to pay library fines! That savings alone will help towards my health insurance.
  • My co-workers.
  • My reading list grows longer each day, but my time to read grows shorter.
  • The smell of books in the morning.
  • I met a lady who had just moved from my old town this week!


Things I am not anticipating in my new town.

  • The sugar beet campaign.
  • Shoveling snow in the winter.


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It isn’t that I have been so very busy…well I have, but I have a blog ready to go in Word and I can’t get it to cut and paste into here. Any idea why? I got a new computer about the same time they updated Xanga. I didn’t see anything on the help site.

I figured it out.

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I hope to catch up soon with your blogs. I just put one up on xanga.com/idratherreadthancleanhouse.  We are acclimating pretty well.