Moving the library


I asked and we have over 100,000 books in the library. I think she meant adult library. Today I helped with the non-fiction. We aren’t taking much, and I got stuck with the 700s, which is art and crafts and music and such. Not a good choice for me- I didn’t take much. We weeded out some books on computer programming in Pascal, and how to play PacMan. I wanted to ditch the macrame books but I was out voted.

Then we moved to biographies. That was fun! I started at Yeager and another gal started at Alcott, we met in the middle and kept going. I was surprised to see that she chose only about 6 books from those I had gone through first. I had seriously debated keeping each of them. 

Now, I have issues with doing things from A-Z. Not a good thing for a librarian. I like to do things from Z-A, tests, reading the newspaper, making up my monthly calender. I just do. I generally start at the top of a crossword puzzle, but anything else I can do backwards I do (except I am not one to peek at the last page of a book).  We were sorting out some books that had been jumbled on the new shelves. I started at the end and moved books around until I was happy with the order. Then my co-worker noticed that there was a huge gap in numbers. I had sorted the books from highest number to lowest. No wonder my kids are all left-handed! I think backwards. She thought it was hilarious, which is good, because tempers are getting a bit rough.

Our patrons are hardy enough to walk past the “We are closed” signs blocking the sidewalk, the asbestos abatement tubes, the posse of prisoners and the construction crew into the maze of boxes and inquire about the fax they had sent last week, or read the paper (until we kicked him out) or return books or express their amazement that they can’t check out a book. We figure our daily patron count is pretty good considering we are not open! These are the literate people. Speaking of literacy, one of the prisoners picks up the Wall Street Journal or Forbes Magazine every time he gets a chance. I would have pegged him for Sports Illustrated.  Goes to show you.



Way too much power


The library where I work is currently under construction. We are adding on an area something less than half of our current space. The addition is mostly finished, so we are paring the collection down to fit into the space while they install insulation and update the original building which was built in 1966. Presumably we will be back in the whole thing with all the books again by January. Personally my money is sometime in late February.

Someone gave me the job of sorting the adult fiction into “keep” and “store.” Wow! I am solely in charge of the adult fiction available in our town for at least three months! Oh, I have been going mostly by date, but have the authority to make decisions! I added a L’Engle and a bunch of L’Amour. Someone said, “Just keep his recent ones.” I pointed out he has been dead since 1989. I slipped in Life of Pi and Red Sky at Morning. I included most of Nora Roberts’ stuff (even JD Robb-what kind of idiot writes under a pseudonym and then tells everyone who she is?) against my better judgement. I also kept everything of Laurel Hamilton’s because my friend Beth likes her. I went from A through the mid Ss today, and I am sore. Really sore. I wish I knew how many books were in the fiction collection. Maybe I will remember to ask my boss tomorrow.

Looks like Castle is about on. Better go clean up the kitchen before I crash on the floor.

PS my soon-to-be-ex-husband sent two kittens home with the kids. Great. More mouths to feed and big ole’ vet bills so we don’t have even more kittens. Okay, spell check knocked me on idiot? Is it censoring me or does it secretly like Nora Roberts? My apologies to those of you who are Roberts fans. I am not. It is my opinion and as such it is not worth much.


Dating and walking to school


The phone rang on a Saturday morning.


“Hi, this is Russ. Is your brother there?”

“No, he is out with Scot. Can I take a message?”

“Naw, I will call later.”

“Okay, see ya.”


That afternoon the phone rang again.


“Is John there?”

“No, he is still out.”

“Oh….uh, are you doing anything tonight?”

“Well, no I guess not.”

“Do you want to go to the movie with me?”


“I will pick you up in an hour then.”



I was the second choice for my first date. I expect his mother told him to ask me if John was still gone. So my brother’s friend Russ picked me up and drove me the 30 miles to town. I don’t have too many memories of the date, but I do remember his “line.” We went past a sign that said, “SOFT SHOULDER” and Russ reached over to touch my shoulder then he told me he agreed with the sign. I also remember sitting in the parking lot behind the theater watching him shoot up insulin before the show. A few years down the road we went to a George Strait concert together in Cheyenne. I still have the T-shirt.


I ran into him on Facebook the other day. Isn’t it cool to find people from 20 and more years ago? I messaged him to see if he remembered our date, but haven’t heard back. If he has anything exciting to add, I will let you know.


In other news, our school sent home a missive about walking to school on Wednesdays in October. Even the bussed children “will be given the opportunity to walk by being dropped off at one of the designated corners” two blocks from school to walk, supervised, to school. Parents are advised to have their children dropped off at one of the designated corners by 7:30 so they can “walk to school.”


Maybe I am all wet here, but my kids walk .4 miles to school and then back every day. (I know this because I had my draftsman friend measure it on his computer for me.) They go down the street to the corner then cross the bridge over the park and walk about three or four blocks to school. I walked with them until I got a job, then I asked them if they felt comfortable walking to school and they did. So they do, along with about two dozen kids from our neighborhood. They don’t walk all together, but you see a steady stream of kids from about 7-7:40. I realize that not everybody lives so close to school, but I walked home from Junior High (well, to the High School where Mom worked since I lived out of town) every day, and that was over a mile. Please tell me how it will seem like walking to school to drive your child to a corner two blocks from school and allow him to walk two blocks while being supervised? It sounds pathetic to me.


Speaking of bus stops, this is a list of things I saw over two years at our old bus stop:

Children being picked up in tractors, semi trucks, and what can only be described as a coyote huntin’ rig. I also saw a monkey wearing a diaper. I thought I was delusional, but the teachers assured me that one of the students had a pet monkey at home.