I asked and we have over 100,000 books in the library. I think she meant adult library. Today I helped with the non-fiction. We aren’t taking much, and I got stuck with the 700s, which is art and crafts and music and such. Not a good choice for me- I didn’t take much. We weeded out some books on computer programming in Pascal, and how to play PacMan. I wanted to ditch the macrame books but I was out voted.

Then we moved to biographies. That was fun! I started at Yeager and another gal started at Alcott, we met in the middle and kept going. I was surprised to see that she chose only about 6 books from those I had gone through first. I had seriously debated keeping each of them. 

Now, I have issues with doing things from A-Z. Not a good thing for a librarian. I like to do things from Z-A, tests, reading the newspaper, making up my monthly calender. I just do. I generally start at the top of a crossword puzzle, but anything else I can do backwards I do (except I am not one to peek at the last page of a book).  We were sorting out some books that had been jumbled on the new shelves. I started at the end and moved books around until I was happy with the order. Then my co-worker noticed that there was a huge gap in numbers. I had sorted the books from highest number to lowest. No wonder my kids are all left-handed! I think backwards. She thought it was hilarious, which is good, because tempers are getting a bit rough.

Our patrons are hardy enough to walk past the “We are closed” signs blocking the sidewalk, the asbestos abatement tubes, the posse of prisoners and the construction crew into the maze of boxes and inquire about the fax they had sent last week, or read the paper (until we kicked him out) or return books or express their amazement that they can’t check out a book. We figure our daily patron count is pretty good considering we are not open! These are the literate people. Speaking of literacy, one of the prisoners picks up the Wall Street Journal or Forbes Magazine every time he gets a chance. I would have pegged him for Sports Illustrated.  Goes to show you.