Oh, my


I will be 40 tomorrow. Forty. I am already depressed. I know this is a valid feeling because my friend obl told me it was. I am going to put the usual suspects to bed and wallow. Maybe even make myself a drink. 40.

Randomness Volume VI

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I read fast and in doing so I tend to mix up words that look alike at a glance. My favorite is uniformed and uninformed. I never fail to stop mid-sentence to wonder why they are sending an uninformed police officer to a crime scene. It gets me every time.


Another favorite mix up is unattended and unintended. We have an unattended children policy at work. Yes, it happens, but do we really need a policy?


A little kitchen tip I learned the hard way. If you don’t use it much, store your gingerroot in the freezer. If you put it in the cupboard you might find yourself wondering why you have a dog turd in with the spices.


Okay. Get out your phone. Any touch-tone phone will do. Now get out a calculator, or even the number pad on your computer keyboard. What’s up with that? So whose idea was it, and why the difference?


PopRocks. An excellent, yet unsung candy.


Skittles, Starburst, Laffy Taffy and gummi-you-name-its all make my face sweat.


People say things come in threes. My reading this last month has been in threes. First I read, Another Man’s Moccasins which is about child prostitution then I read The Girl Who Played With Fire which is about-spoiler here…child prostitution and now I am reading The Franklin Cover-Up which is about…child prostitution among other amazing things. If the next book I pick is on the same subject I promise to put it back on the shelf. Enough is enough on that subject.


For some reason, I am finding that I attract truck drivers. Not that this is a bad thing, we all need truck drivers. It just seems odd that the last four guys-all since this summer-to flirt with me are truck drivers (and they have all been nice looking). No bankers or teachers or anything like that. Truckers. So. Not that I am planning to do this, (because I am not planning to get involved with anybody for quite some time) but IF I were to write such a thing, my singles ad would read:

DWF seeks SWM with CDL. Send DOT# and photo of truck. Big rigs only please.


I have noticed a strange thing at work. All the librarians have autographed packages with a Nancy Pearl Action Figure Librarian inside. Who on earth thought up a librarian action figure? I guess if you take her out of the packaging she will go “Ssshhh!” They have theirs all sealed up still. Presumably she is some famous librarian person. Clearly I am out of the loop. If you don’t believe me go to  Nancy Pearl Action Figure  or you can visit her site at nancypearl.com