I looked for it on the NPR archives so I could attach it but I suspect I might heard it over ten years ago. A young man was speaking about believing in Santa. He had grown up in an isolated place, as in there may have been fewer than ten kids in his school. Picture somewhere in Montana. His parents were hard-core Santa promoters and he didn’t have television or even many cohorts (in the statistical sense of the word) to disavow him of this notion.  His parents would go to the lengths of tossing 2X4s on the roof and letting them slide off so they would look like sleigh tracks in the snow. He was in high school before he found out about Santa. I honestly don’t remember if he felt this was a good thing or a bad thing. I just remember how his parents worked hard to make things magical for him, and how long they kept it going.

I am working to keep the older two from ruining it for the younger two at least until Paul hits school.