wildwomanofthewest asked us what our dreams were.  As a youngster I dreamed of being a belly dancer. This is what I told my Sunday School teacher I wanted to be when I grew up. I think she was a little surprised, well maybe not, she must have known me. If I had the money or the time or the venue I would do this in a heartbeat. That was the best part of the ladies’ dance recitals, watching the belly dancers, and the clothes? I seriously wanted to get a jingly belt thingie when we were in Morocco /Epcot last year, but I decided I couldn’t justify it. Looking back…well, where would I wear it? Eh. It was probably the right choice at the time. I will just have to go back, next time with more money and nerve.


So if you walk past my house at just the right time most mornings you can hear me jamming out to this…

That is my secret dream. I also wanted to write, which I do if only sporadically. I wanted to marry a dashingly handsome cowboy and to be a mom and to live on our ranch. I have only pulled off about a third of that, but I hold out hope!