Some things never change

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I have to tell you a story. PC, you can skip the first part but you will want to read the second part.

Last Thursday I told the ladies they could pack to go to their dad’s in the morning. I went to bed early because it was the only night in a week I had gone to bed before midnight. I had not packed for the gentlemen or fixed snacks for our 2.5 hour drive to meet daddy, so Friday morning was going to be busy.


I got up plenty early and took a shower, threw on my jeans and the shirt I had slept in. I got the ladies going and Leo dressed. Jane was pretty much wearing her panties 10 minutes before they had to leave for school. Paul was not happy with the pants choices I offered so he found some red pants to wear with his orange shirt. Then he put his sock on up-side down. I got the ladies off for school and Paul’s socks on and shoes and got some of their clothes ready. I loaded them up in the car and drove them to preschool, right on time. I listened to The Sweet Potato Queen’s Wedding Planner and Guide to Divorce (which is quite funny-and informative)in the car on the way to work, and even remembered to fill up the car with gas. Three blocks from work and 15 minutes from home I started getting into library mode, you know the shhing and all. And I looked down to see that I was wearing a Coca~Cola tee-shirt, the one I had slept in, and no bra. And I was right on time for work.


I called mom. She was getting a mammogram of course, but I went to her house and borrowed a sweatshirt and a brassiere. Thank God it was casual Friday!


Part Two

I went dancing this weekend- both Friday and Saturday. The Jim Rice  band  was at the bar so I got some friends together and we had a blast. We ran into a guy I went to high school with. He has the distinction of having been at the one beer party I attended in my hometown. It was a small one, both the hometown and the party. He told the story like this:

“I walked in the door and someone slammed me against the wall and started kissing me.”

“Who was it?”


“Well, you could have done worse.” (she was really pretty)

“True. Turns out they were playing Truth or Dare and she got dared to kiss the next person through the door. Then it becomes Rod’s turn. He was dared to take off Wildflowersp’s bra. She is sitting there like this, (eyes rolled up and a sheepish grin on his face) and after fishing around a while Rod says, ‘she ain’t wearin’ one.’”


He told this story BEFORE hearing the other one.


Clearly I have changed little through the years. In my defense, I was wearing a supportive tank top with a loose tank sweater over it. Nobody but I would have known a thing if Rod hadn’t started fumbling around back there.


In case you were wondering, I did manage to dress myself completely for both nights this weekend.


Today’s Ramblings


  I have been reading my subs here, but not writing anything. On Xanga anyway. I do feel a blog coming on though, a gun blog.


No, this has nothing to do with Arizona. As has been rather bluntly pointed out to me on FaceBook, I don’t have many facts about that. You see I get my news from magazines, and mine came in the mail today. I find that magazines have the right photo: word: advertisement ratio for me and the ads are easy to ignore. Don’t tell me you can’t have a three-way ratio. I don’t want to hear it. Our local weather guy has pretty much put me off TV news until he retires. He is so colossally lousy he has to be sleeping with the station manager. Besides I feel shortchanged when I watch the news, or even listen to it on the radio. I end up with too many unanswered questions and just feel over all unsatisfied.  I realize I should listen to NPR. I got out of the habit I guess. The paper here is lousy too. And while Nebraska thought of the Omaha World Herald as the state’s official newspaper, Omaha felt differently and they no longer deliver it more than a couple of hours away from Omaha. You can have it mailed. The Denver Post and The Cheyenne and Rapid City papers aren’t any different. Let’s see, this was about guns.


I grew up with guns. Dad had several including an AR15 which is semi-automatic and a blast to shoot. He didn’t hunt, didn’t shoot targets and didn’t have them for protection. He mostly just had them. He would use one to kill a mortally wounded cow or something, but mostly they stayed locked up in the gun cabinet. My brother and I plugged our fair share of pop cans with a .22 over the years. We both passed hunter’s safety courses. My brother probably has several guns.


So I have what I would call a healthy respect for firearms. I think there is a place for them in our country, but I don’t think they are for everyone. Personally, I would just as soon not watch our library patrons wielding them at the computer table, even if they do have a license to carry. I think a big part of the problem is that the people you hear about either love LOVE guns or they hate HATE guns. The people who aren’t obsessed one way or the other are the silent majority.


My friend on FB said something along the lines of: A boy who hunts and traps doesn’t shoot innocent people. I can’t argue with a word of that.  I suppose it is entirely possible that a kid like that could go nutso, but I don’t remember hearing of anything like that happening.


In other exciting news, I learned today that Miss America used to be a carryout in my grocery store. She is from my town of 14,000 people. I didn’t even remember that she was going to be at the Miss America Pageant. It isn’t like I knew her in the first place; I was in college when she was born, but pretty much everyone else around her knows her. I guess I ought to check that out on Hulu or something. See, that is what happens when you don’t subscribe to the local paper, even if it isn’t worth using in the outhouse.

Bo (Beau?) is still cuter.


I don’t watch much TV, but when I do watch it I watch it for hours. This is what I learned from the Dukes of Hazzard marathon this weekend.

  • High heels go with everything
  • Dad looks a little too much like Uncle Jesse for my comfort
  • There is no end to what a pretty girl can do: Shoot straight, fly a plane, break up a bar fight…
  • A Dodge Charger is indestructible
  • 80% of Hazzard County is covered with roads