I love spring flowers. My garden was full of tulips and daffodils and hyacinths. I did not take the time to dig them up when I took off in August. Grandma raised beautiful roses and I have maybe 20 or more rose bushes around the house including a lovely yellow climbing rose I intend to encourage next summer by killing the vine that had nearly choked it out last summer. She used to have raspberries and pussywillows too. They are long gone, but I would like to replace them. Does anyone grow pussywillows anymore? I am hoping to find some bulbs pushing up in the next few weeks. I can’t really spend much money on flowers. She does have a nice-sized small garden I am excited to play in this spring. I have visions of beans and tomatoes dancing in my head.

I survived the date with the guy who wanted to watch TGWTDT. It was actually fun, and he brought me….yellow tulips! We have plans to watch TGWPWF next. I mean read the movie, not watch it.