I have been writing something about this black trucker/cowboy from around here for oh, say about 10 years. I got my stuff together last year and did quite a bit of research, talking to people and such. This fall I put together a couple of pages, including an excellent opening paragraph.

When I write it is like putting together a puzzle. I get the pieces down in writing, sometimes they are sentences or phrases or maybe just ideas, then I move them around to see where each fits best. Then I looked at this and thought to myself, “This is not a story, it is a report, and a boring one at that.” Arrgh. I had Mom look at it, and I think I know how to put things together, I just wish I had more to work with.

Ed (the rodeo guy) gave me a huge list of people I should ask, so I spent the last hour and a half calling people and getting very little information. I did get a couple interesting stories about my dad… one of the side effects of living in your hometown. Note to self: If you are planning to do primary research on a person, start before they have been dead 20 years. If Sharyn McCrumb can write The Rosewood Coffin while she is in grad school and has a job and two or three babies, you had no excuse. None.

I do have a couple of good leads, if they will only call me back. Heck, the guy at the funeral home told me he could tell me stories about him. That is my project tomorrow morning. Call these people. Then Monday work on getting my puzzle pieces all right side up and organized by color and border etc.

Is there anything better than pears with blue cheese? My kids even eat the stuff, and this was real blue cheese not just dressing!