I am in avoidance mode again. I should be cleaning the kitchen. Or vacuuming or something. It is a good thing I left The Help by Kathleen Stockett at the library tonight, or else I would be reading it instead of blogging. I guess they are making a movie out of it. I am somewhere in the beginning of Chapter Two waiting for the third bathroom to be completed. I am really liking it so far, what’s not to like about three bathrooms? (Well, in the case of the book it is rather insulting, but I could sure use another bathroom in this house.)

I went to my favorite spot in Valentine; Plains Trading Company this weekend. This bookstore can kick the butt of any bookstore in existence for sheer quality of selection. I find it impossible to walk out of a bookstore empty-handed, so I chose The People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks on Mom’s recommendation. Wow. Great choice. I bought it Saturday and finished it Monday. This might be why I should be cleaning my house- I didn’t this weekend, but to lose myself in a book like that? It is hard to beat a book about a book.

Because I had a four hour drive (not counting the stop to visit Mari) I checked out Ape House on CD by Sara Gruen from the library. It is really good. I have a new favorite line from a book. The guy is trying to make up to her and sends her flowers. Her friend says something along the lines of: “Sending her dead plant genitalia isn’t going to change her mind.” I had never thought of that, but I also have never received flowers from someone who was trying to make up to me.

My children’s book recommendations are The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate which is a book about the little girl I would have been if I were born in the late 1800s. I am also addicted to The 39 Clues. I guess there will be 39 books in the series. That would be almost as many as Carolyn Keene wrote! Sort of. I think the whole series thing is kind of a racket.

I hear the dishwasher calling.