The last time my kids were home they requested eggrolls, so when someone had an extra cabbage at church I snagged it. Then I got home and looked at my recipe. My eggroll recipe is the only recipe that I have ever seen that calls for leftovers. Coincidentally it does not call for cabbage.  It is one of those recipes I just use for loose reference, rather than any sort of guide, so I will use cabbage and shredded carrots instead of celery and beansprouts. That sounds better anyway.

Does anyone have a turnip recipe? My step-dad seems to have raised too many and I sense I will be on the receiving end of some turnips soon.

I miss Xangazon. Not that I am a big Amazon fan, but I liked being able to share things. For example I am listening to HarvestTime Blues by Stephanie Davis of Garrison Keillor fame.