New Clothes, sort of


Ordinarybutloud@xanga was bragging about her new Thomas Jefferson T-Shirt. Well, my dad went to WDC last month and brought me the same thing in white. Same size too. Seems like mine is a little big, but not a lot big. It says, “I cannot live without books.” In my job on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays we can wear casual clothes like jeans and a T-shirt. They prefer we wear non-potentially-offensive (non-political or advertising type) shirts. I have a jersey-type shirt that says, “Vonnegut” across the shoulders and has the number “5” on it. Most of the patrons don’t get it, but the boss lets me wear it. Now I can wear my TJ shirt too along with my neon green Summer Reading Program shirt which Mom says makes me look like I escaped from the work release program at the local prison. My favorite WDC shirt is one my step daughter bought me with Rosie the Riveter doing the bicep pump thing with “We can do it” across the bottom. I wear that to work too as well as my freebie blood donor shirts. 

One of my co-workers took pity on me and gave me hand-me-down clothes. This is good. I don’t like shopping for clothes. I am too picky. But this gal has about the same taste in clothes that I have and she gave me a bag full, including a nice brown and pink and red striped shirt that goes with the new Rockies I bought this summer. I bought them for $16 which is beyond incredible for a pair of Rockies. And since they are brown I can wear them to work any day. I am reluctant to buy used clothes. I don’t know why, I just don’t like pre-enjoyed clothes, but I will take these because I didn’t have to shop for them, and they look like my kind of clothes.

This past week I was in my old town, the one I left a year ago. I had a minute so I visited the library, and they recognized me! And not because I had a “wanted” picture in the break room about my outstanding fines- they just remembered me.


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I spent untold hours (at least one anyway) filling out paperwork so my oldest three children can attend school. Of course I found misspellings in the handout from the principle (oh yeah that should be principAl) actually she used an apostrophe in a plural word. Still irritating coming from someone who has a master’s degree in education.

I cried a little when I dropped off Leo. He is such a little guy, barely 5 but he can tie his shoes and write his name backwards and that is more than some of those kids can do, I reckon. He also knows what a quorum is and can count by 2-and-a-halves, so he really hasn’t much more to learn.

I am craving adult company today, so I am enjoying a glass of my favorite wine (available at Walgreen’s and other fine retailers). And you, my friends, are the adults.

In an effort to maintain some semblance of sanity I implemented a multi-part after-school plan. The kids are to empty their own backpacks and sort things into “Mom needs to look at tonight” and “Mom needs to throw away eventually” immediately upon entering the house. I am hoping this will alleviate the last minute birthday party emergencies. I also gave out chore sheets. I don’t have much optimism on that front, although they did empty and load the dishwasher tonight. I also downloaded a calender on my phone that I believe can keep up with my work schedule. I get confused as to when I am supposed to show up for work, going so far as to show up an hour early one day last week and not realizing it until lunch. They let me take a two hour lunch so it worked out okay, but I felt kinda dumb.

Mae will be seeing an orthodontist this fall. And probably well into highschool. Prior to breeding with someone else, one should think carefully about the chosen’s dental history. Between the crowding on my side of the family and the buck teeth on his, when you add in her thumb habit she really didn’t have a chance. I told her she could choose college or braces. I think she knew I was joking. I think I was joking. They do a good job, they did Miss America’s teeth and we all know she has a winning smile.

I guess I better go investigate the kitchen and throw in another load of laundry.


Lonesome Dove


I am re-reading Lonesome Dove. Hat and I got into a discussion on FB as to the merits of McMurtry as an author. I think it is the only decent book he wrote, but Hat allows that Comanche Moon was pretty good. I don’t know for sure that I tried that one, but I read so many others with complete disappointment-I can’t imagine I missed it. As I read LD, I see the things he did so well as an author. To take a step back, I read an abysmal first novel some years ago. The author was writing about her real friends, so we would come to scenes where six or seven women would be having a discussion in the living room. Most authors are smart enough not to put all of their characters in the same room chatting at the same time. The author had not developed her characters well enough so that the average reader who did not actually know her friends had no idea which person was the quirky gardener and who was the quirky cook and who was the quirky…well you get my point.

As I traveled the Rio Grande with Larry, I was first introduced to Gus shooing pigs off the porch and drinking whiskey. On page 7 when I knew Gus pretty well I met two more guys, but they are completely different from each other. You just can’t mix up Call and Pea Eye. McMurtry spent quality time…basically doing a character sketch scene with each character before he introduced another, rather than giving each a cute quirk to remember them by, even though one might have pants made from a quilt and another a prairie-dog colored moustache. I am on page 151 and I bet I have met 20 characters, each very distinctive. I noticed that he introduced some of the crew four or six to a page. These characters seem to be fairly interchangeable. 

LD is a western, but it is so much more than that. It is an adventure, a saga, a lovestory. It’s funny; the characters are unforgettable. Mc Murtry does not glaze over things like mosquitoes, which I don’t believe L’Amour ever mentioned although they had to be a huge part of life. Lonesome Dove deserved the Pulitzer Prize it won.

Then I stopped in the middle of LD to read Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. It is another saga type of book with a cast of thousands. Except most of them have odd names like Bran, rather than normal names like Pea Eye.  I do like a book with a map in the front, and this also has several pages of family trees in the back, which I have referred to often. Martin relies on these rather than character sketches at the beginning to familiarize the reader with the characters, although he did a nice sketch of one character 60 pages into the book. It is fun reading about the characters and trying to decide if they are good or evil, and sympathizing with the main characters as they try to navigate the politics of dealing with people both of you know they can’t trust. This book ended in a way that was sure to lure the reader into the second in the series. I find myself thinking about the characters. I think I will watch the movie they made and then tackle the ice wall again this winter.  

Someone told me that it takes a year after a big change like a divorce before you get your feet under you and you can find a normal. I am right at a year now, so I no longer will make excuses for stalling out in the middle of reading Harry Potter III to the ladies. Eva suggested The Hobbit and since I have never read any of Tolkien’s stuff, I officially make this my project with them just as soon as we finish HP. Eva says it has more dragons than spaceships and I trust her.

Photoblog of things that make me laugh hysterically.



I thought about blocking out the phone number, but who knows? Maybe one of you would like to check out the pink trailer-which by the way has frolicking wales painted on the other side.  


This makes me laugh even a year later.

Are words necessary here?

This is what my boss drives to work in the summer. I don’t have a photo, but one of my co-workers was a parole officer and that seems even more outrageous for a librarian.

This bucolic scene is just up the street from me.

This one does not make me laugh, but if you know me it will make you laugh. I see in the perfect combination of things that excite me in vehicles, the potential for the perfect combination of the things I love in a person. Flatbeds make me weak in the knees, and the pickup? You have to know me I guess.

Another flatbed but this one does nothing for my knees.

Edit in honor of Roadkill_spatula.

Roadkill_spatula, this is as close to aqua as I could find. It is a two story trailer, you can’t ask for much more. Makes me think of an old Country song…”He’s got his story and I’ve got mine too.” Can’t wait to bring you some homemade bread so you will feel at home.

Wild Woman of the West’s Questionnaire


1. When you order food from a familiar fast food joint do you still look at the menu?  I order the same thing but I usually look to see if anything exciting has unexpectedly shown up.

2a.What’s your favorite air-freshener?  I don’t use air fresheners, so it tends to be salebarn, neighbor’s grass or sugar factory depending on the direction of the wind.

2b. If you could create your own aroma, what would you name it? Fresh cut hay smells the best, but you have to be downwind of it, it won’t bottle.

3. How often do you dust the top of your refrigerator? So far not once a year.

4a. What’s the first purchase you would make after you won the lottery? A place in the country, a little further from the salebarn and the sugar factory than my current location-a place with more than one bathroom.

4b. Is there a charity/cause you would donate to? I would donate more money to several causes. Habitat, Doves, the library, educational opportunities…

5. Toothpicks, friend or foe?  I don’t use them often, but I like the ones with umbrellas on them.