1. When you order food from a familiar fast food joint do you still look at the menu?  I order the same thing but I usually look to see if anything exciting has unexpectedly shown up.

2a.What’s your favorite air-freshener?  I don’t use air fresheners, so it tends to be salebarn, neighbor’s grass or sugar factory depending on the direction of the wind.

2b. If you could create your own aroma, what would you name it? Fresh cut hay smells the best, but you have to be downwind of it, it won’t bottle.

3. How often do you dust the top of your refrigerator? So far not once a year.

4a. What’s the first purchase you would make after you won the lottery? A place in the country, a little further from the salebarn and the sugar factory than my current location-a place with more than one bathroom.

4b. Is there a charity/cause you would donate to? I would donate more money to several causes. Habitat, Doves, the library, educational opportunities…

5. Toothpicks, friend or foe?  I don’t use them often, but I like the ones with umbrellas on them.