I spent untold hours (at least one anyway) filling out paperwork so my oldest three children can attend school. Of course I found misspellings in the handout from the principle (oh yeah that should be principAl) actually she used an apostrophe in a plural word. Still irritating coming from someone who has a master’s degree in education.

I cried a little when I dropped off Leo. He is such a little guy, barely 5 but he can tie his shoes and write his name backwards and that is more than some of those kids can do, I reckon. He also knows what a quorum is and can count by 2-and-a-halves, so he really hasn’t much more to learn.

I am craving adult company today, so I am enjoying a glass of my favorite wine (available at Walgreen’s and other fine retailers). And you, my friends, are the adults.

In an effort to maintain some semblance of sanity I implemented a multi-part after-school plan. The kids are to empty their own backpacks and sort things into “Mom needs to look at tonight” and “Mom needs to throw away eventually” immediately upon entering the house. I am hoping this will alleviate the last minute birthday party emergencies. I also gave out chore sheets. I don’t have much optimism on that front, although they did empty and load the dishwasher tonight. I also downloaded a calender on my phone that I believe can keep up with my work schedule. I get confused as to when I am supposed to show up for work, going so far as to show up an hour early one day last week and not realizing it until lunch. They let me take a two hour lunch so it worked out okay, but I felt kinda dumb.

Mae will be seeing an orthodontist this fall. And probably well into highschool. Prior to breeding with someone else, one should think carefully about the chosen’s dental history. Between the crowding on my side of the family and the buck teeth on his, when you add in her thumb habit she really didn’t have a chance. I told her she could choose college or braces. I think she knew I was joking. I think I was joking. They do a good job, they did Miss America’s teeth and we all know she has a winning smile.

I guess I better go investigate the kitchen and throw in another load of laundry.