Ordinarybutloud@xanga was bragging about her new Thomas Jefferson T-Shirt. Well, my dad went to WDC last month and brought me the same thing in white. Same size too. Seems like mine is a little big, but not a lot big. It says, “I cannot live without books.” In my job on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays we can wear casual clothes like jeans and a T-shirt. They prefer we wear non-potentially-offensive (non-political or advertising type) shirts. I have a jersey-type shirt that says, “Vonnegut” across the shoulders and has the number “5” on it. Most of the patrons don’t get it, but the boss lets me wear it. Now I can wear my TJ shirt too along with my neon green Summer Reading Program shirt which Mom says makes me look like I escaped from the work release program at the local prison. My favorite WDC shirt is one my step daughter bought me with Rosie the Riveter doing the bicep pump thing with “We can do it” across the bottom. I wear that to work too as well as my freebie blood donor shirts. 

One of my co-workers took pity on me and gave me hand-me-down clothes. This is good. I don’t like shopping for clothes. I am too picky. But this gal has about the same taste in clothes that I have and she gave me a bag full, including a nice brown and pink and red striped shirt that goes with the new Rockies I bought this summer. I bought them for $16 which is beyond incredible for a pair of Rockies. And since they are brown I can wear them to work any day. I am reluctant to buy used clothes. I don’t know why, I just don’t like pre-enjoyed clothes, but I will take these because I didn’t have to shop for them, and they look like my kind of clothes.

This past week I was in my old town, the one I left a year ago. I had a minute so I visited the library, and they recognized me! And not because I had a “wanted” picture in the break room about my outstanding fines- they just remembered me.