I spent the day helping our fair citizens excercise their First Amendment rights, right up until closing time. Then I had supper around 9 and I am ready for a hot bath. Before you say, “this sounds like a Facebook update not a blog,” let me share a link with you. Tom Lehrer  The most amusing song about Roth v. U.S., 354 U.S. 476 (1957) I’ve ever heard.” …anonymous Youtube reviewer.

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I campaigned for the right to make a display for Banned Book Week. Here are some photos. My vision was to fill the bookshelves entirely with books which had been banned. I didn’t quite accomplish that, but it does look pretty cool. I fished books out of donations for our upcoming book sale to supplement books on loan from staff. I won’t tell you how many of them are my personal books…

The whole thing.


The left side.

Sorry about the reflections.