As you can see, I haven’t given up blogging entirely, but my life sure doesn’t allow much time for it these days.

We went to Denver for Thanksgiving. The Museum of Nature and Science was open and we spent all day there. They had the animated dinosaurs. Paul (4) and I had to visit with a security guard to see if they were real. They were not, but you could hardly tell. We went back to see them again, but the kids wouldn’t let me go for a third time. I want a pet triceratops now.

We went to the zoo today then ate at…write this down if you plan to go to Denver…Cora Faye’s on Colorado, right by the zoo. It was home cooking -soul food like I have never had.

Mom brought two decks of cards, a pinochle one and a regular one. We played slap jack then three handed pinochle last night, but tonight we played pitch with Paul and Leo (5). They also played slap jack at the same time.  Leo was kinda paying attention to his pitch hand, unlike his brother. Papa was a good sport.

BTW @ordinarybutloud I am not a DARE fan myself. My kids are hyper-alcohol sensitive for lots of reasons. I had a beer (first one in a month or more) then listened to a lecture about drug use. If they don’t see anyone drinking responsibly then how are they going to know the only way to drink is to open the box of beers and drink until the box (or bottle or whatever) is empty?

I got to take a bath in a real tub tonight, instead of my square tub! Woo hoo!