Women are hard on themselves. At least I speak for myself here. I have been unfortunate enough to have my photo in the paper a couple of times this last year. (I come from a line of modest people.) Once was in a group when my boss retired. So I look for myself in the photo then look at the place I think I will not like on my body. Yep it is there. The bulge where I didn’t have my stomach sucked in enough. It really doesn’t stick out that far, I have hip bones, and for those of you who have livestock; no tail-head fat. I should be okay with myself. I really should. 

A co-worker and I have started an evening book group at the library. **Plug for book group** The group is both in-person and online. Our first book is Bonk by Mary Roach. We are the only evening book club in town, and our motto is, “Not your mother’s book group.” You are welcome to join us on goodreads.com. Sign in and go to groups. We are called LSPL Book Junkies and we are open to anyone who wants to join us. Seriously. We have quite a few people IRL but most haven’t caught on to the online part.

So I am trying to compose a press release for the paper. My boss suggests just calling the paper and having them do the article themselves. So I did, and the dude took a photo of us and said it would proably be on the front of Sunday’s paper. “It better be above the fold” I said. It was a slow news day, as they say.  Even more than that stubborn tummy thing, I hate to look at my neck. For some reason, I have this thing on my neck (even when I am at my skinniest) that makes me feel fat. It is glaringly obvious in the picture -like a double chin. (My co-worker noticed her snowman socks…of course she only has one chin.)

My dad (again modest family here) saw the article a week later. You see, he was out of town and he has to read the papers in order. He had heard about it from people, but waited until he was caught up with the older ones before he looked at it. He did not mention my chin.

I called my mother last night to feel her out on this idea of surgically finding my jaw-line again and she told me it is a dominant gene I got from my Great Grandmother Messenger. Thanks Mildred. I got the kitchen cabinet and the double chin from you. The goal is for nobody to notice anything happened, or maybe for the occasional, “Have you lost weight? You look great.” I don’t want to look like Nora Roberts who can’t close her lips and looks like she should be dating Dick Clark.

It feels good to blog. I guess we will see if it happens anytime soon again.