My boss has been weeding the non-fiction section of the library. It needed it desperately. So my co-worker and I have been removing books from the library system. The boss lady started with the 000s, which is the unknown information section, like computers and the abominable snowman. That kind of stuff, then she hit the 100s which is philosophy and the “woo woo” stuff, like horoscopes and Sylvia Browne books. People like to steal her books, and I can see why. I was going to link you to her site but she charges $80 for an 18-month subscription, and I thought if you were that interested in her you would already have your own subscription, and if you weren’t then Wikipedia would do.

All along I have snagged a book here and there because, well, I have a thing about books. I picked up one called “My Angry Son.” The title pretty much says it all, except it has a happy ending. I found a couple on ethics, one on some lady who had ESP in 1801 and after just thumbing through it I am having second thoughts. I also found one called “The Way We Never Were” which purportedly debunks all kinds of nostalgia.

This month she hit the 200s. Religion. I snagged a couple of Greek and Roman Gods books for my daughter who is enamored of Percy Jackson. Friday I went home with a book about members of a religion (more like splinter groups) who had revelations to kill people, like their sister-in-law and her baby, or revelations to kidnap girls to make them wives and such. It has been pretty interesting, although not overly balanced. Today I snagged one due to the blurb in the jacket. Let me quote it for you…”The evidence he has uncovered…is so shocking, so chilling, and so credible that it needs no hyperbole.” That line alone made my top ten list of great book recommendations! The book is about exorcism. I may not even read it. I might just read the blurb again and again. The top two book names from today were, in no specific order, “Fire in the Soul” and “Improving your Serve,” the second about being a servant of Christ. Very clever, I thought.

The gal who is also removing books with me went home with a pile of Catholic books and Pope and Mother Theresa books. I went home with books about killing others in the name of your god, and an exorcism book. (I also snagged Firefox 7, the one with the snake handling) In my defense there was not one single little book about John or Charles Wesley. Not one.

Then I get home to find my baby sitter gave me two weeks notice and the guy I asked to rototill my garden came over without his rototiller because he wanted to make sure I still wanted it done. And I burned my tongue on Chinese tonight. So to sum it up, I have a prospective replacement baby sitter scheduled to come over on Thursday, the garden is tilled and I am going to go soak my tongue in some white wine.


I will finish with these quotes from a Writer’s Digest magazine, which reminds me, I need to renew my subscription.

Says Charles Bukowski, “That’s the problem with drinking…if something bad happens you drink in an attempt to forget; if something good happens you drink in order to celebrate; and if nothing happens you drink to make something happen.”

And you can’t have a quote about drinking unless you include Hunter S. Thompson, “I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone, but they always worked for me.”